Dennen may refer to:

Dennen, Massachusetts, US

Arthur Dennen (1878-1949), American Impressionist painter
Edward Dennen (1881-1950), American football player and coach
Frank Dennen (1869-1952), American association football player and manager
John Dennen (1837-1922), Massachusetts businessman and politician
Thomas L. Dennen (1861-1947), American mayor of Lynn

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Den (disambiguation)Chemoembolization-Induced Changes in Tumor Vasculature Are Associated With Treatment Response in Glioblastoma Multiforme.
In this study, we sought to determine the stability and time course of vascular changes in tumor after chemoembolization (CE) in patients with glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and to correlate these changes with clinical outcomes. Fourteen patients with newly diagnosed, histologically confirmed GBM who underwent CE followed by surgical resection were included in this study. On histologic review, all CE cases were classified as complete response (CR) or progressive disease (PD). Changes in tumor vasculature after CE were classified as stable, increased, or decreased, based on patterns of labeling for CD31, CD34, and α-smooth muscle actin (α-SMA). Imaging data were evaluated on a visual analysis at baseline and during follow-up after resection for neuro-radiographic responders (those with at least 2 mm progression-free survival) and non-responders (those without 2 mm progression-free survival). In eight cases, tumor vasculature decreased within 7 days following CE; these tumors showed reduced tumor volume (P=0.008), decreased percentages of Ki-67(+)/EGFR(+) cells (P=0.02), and increased apoptotic index (P=0.02) compared with baseline. In contrast, 6 of 6 cases with a stable vasculature following CE showed significant tumor volume increase (P=0.005) compared with baseline. The 6-month progression-free survival rate was 0% for those with a decreased vasculature, compared with 62.5% for those with a stable vasculature (P=0.032).